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Worried about your future?
Use this Match Making, Birth Chart and Ask An Astrologer App app to pave the way for intuitive readings based on your Natal Chart that may help you to explore your stars and find infinite possibilities that are hidden in your future.

Now find daily predictions for career, love, finance and various life aspects. This free horoscope and astrology app offers latest astrology updates, Hindu Calendar, compatibility check, Zodiac sign compatibility, & Daily Horoscope predictions free.

Our premium features include detailed and personalized Horoscope matching report, Rajyog Report, Yearly horoscope, Love compatibility report and Astro-guidance which you can get at an affordable price.

Special Highlights of this Horoscope and Astrology App-

Birth Chart Calculator
Horoscope matching
Ask An Astrologer
Compatibility checker
Personalized reports
Learned Astrologers
Daily Predictions

Notable Features of Match Making and Birth Chart Calculator App:

Horoscope - Get daily horoscope predictions for Aries to Pisces Zodiac signs.

Festivals - Know about upcoming festivals, festival dates, Fasting dates as per Hindu Calendar.

Indian Calendar - Find Nakshatras (Stars), Yogas, Karana and Vaar (days) with an Indian calendar.

Auspicious Timings - Check lucky timings for the day for positive new beginnings. Learn about the best time to schedule auspicious events and important tasks.

Birth Chart - Create your Birth Chart or Natal Chart based on your date, time and place of your birth.(Pay for a detailed report).
Horoscope Matching - Get your horoscope match with your partner. Find compatibility analysis based on Vedic astrology matchmaking. (Pay for a detailed report)
Raj Yoga Report - Check Raj Yoga in your birth chart and get your detailed personalized report by an expert astrologer following an in-app purchase.
Ask An Astrologer - Eliminate all the doubts, confusions and fears from your life. With an in-app purchase you can talk to an expert astrologer and get answers for your questions, astrological remedies and solutions to resolve all your concerns and worries.
Yearly Horoscope - Find what lies ahead for you in the upcoming months or the year. Pay to get a detailed report with all the upcoming planetary transits, retrogrades and life predictions for the months to come.
Astro Calculator - Check your Sun sign, Moon sign, Constellation, Zodiac Sign and Numerology with Astrological Calculations. Also check Love Compatibility with Love Calculator (pay for a Love analysis report).
Sign Compatibility - Find the most compatible Zodiac sign for you with this zodiac compatibility check feature.
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Know whats in store for you! Install the Astrology & Horoscope app for FREE and get access to daily horoscopes, Panchang updates, life predictions, and astrology insights anytime and anywhere.

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