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This free AddOn app for our free Avare app enables you to use the GPS built in to one Android device, to serve as the location sensor for one or more other devices running Avare.

This enables pilots to place a secondary Android device with built in GPS receiver in the optimal location for satellite reception (for example, beneath the windshield with an unobstructed view of the sky). That device's GPS data is then sent via Bluetooth by this AddOn app, to one or more other Android devices running Avare (such as a tablet or phone attached to the aircraft control yoke, panel, or pilot's kneeboard).

Put your old Android phones to good use, and add redundancy to GPS navigation. This will convert your second device into a Bluetooth GPS, so it can be placed in an appropriate location in the aircraft, for optimum GPS signal reception. Your primary navigation & EFB phone/tablet device(s) running Avare can then be placed for optimum visibility and physical access; while getting GPS location data from your secondary device running this Bluetooth GPS For Avare app.

Primary Device(s):
- Install Avare
- Install the Avare External I/O Plugin app

Secondary Device (for GPS):
- Install this Bluetooth GPS For Avare app

1. On Secondary Device, launch this Bluetooth GPS For Avare app.
2. On Primary Device(s), launch the Avare External I/O Plugin app, and then the Avare app.
3. On Secondary Device, click the Enable Pairing button from this Bluetooth GPS For Avare app.
4. On Primary Device(s), Pair with Secondary Device using that device's Bluetooth settings.
5. On Primary Device(s), launch the Avare External I/O Plugin app, and connect to Secondary Device using the External Bluetooth GPS menu.
6. On Primary Device(s), start Avare and navigate.

While all this may look complex, once the initial setup is done the routine setup and operation is fairly simple and intuitive.

Note that many dedicated external GPS units will perform more accurately and reliably than the GPS receivers built into most Android devices. This can be due to many factors including the fact that the primary purpose of external units is GPS reception; they may receive multiple GPS bands; they may access supplementary WAAS transmissions; and they may have more sensitive receivers with better noise rejection. Even so, the GPS built into most Android devices will perform well when optimally placed, so we hope this app can save you some money while providing an alternate GPS source.

NOTE: Based on manufacturer and carrier implementations, Android devices handle Airplane Mode differently. If you use Avare in Airplane Mode to reduce battery use and the potential for radio frequency interference, the Bluetooth transceiver in your device may or MAY NOT be active. It's possible that if Bluetooth isn't working on your device after you activate Airport Mode, it may work if you simply turn on Bluetooth again while in Airplane Mode. You could also further investigate how your device actually handles airplane mode with a free tool such as Airplane Mode Modifier.

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