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Pregnancy Coach is all new pregnancy tracker, pregnancy calendar, pregnancy guide and pregnancy helper all with one goal: to make your birth much easier, healthier and more organized. In a simple to use UI, any Pregnant mother can easily enter the needed data and follow through every important aspect of pregnancy. With Pregnancy Coach you will definitely have a better delivery and childbirth!

Use the app as your pregnancy guide. Enter the needed data like weight, due date, bely size and the app will act like a pregnancy calculator and pregnancy tracker. Week by week view the development and progress in a glance. Not only that mother can easily find:
- Pregnancy Exercises: see and perform various exercises specially selected for pregnant.
- Medicine & supplements: add the medicine and supplements and the period you are using them in. Add reminders to never miss taking the needed medication ever again. For example; folic acid, iron and etc.
- Event manager: add doctor appointments, baby shower date, important events and expectations in the neat & easy to calendar and event manager. You can also add weekly scheduled events so you will never forget to log you weight and what every you want.
- Information: get great tips and pregnancy guide info for every pregnancy stage. Week-by-week you can read changes on mother body and you can also read your baby evaluation. You will have every information you need about your pregnancy and about your baby with weekly pregnancy stages information.
- Pregnancy Photo Album: Pregnancy Coach help you to save your best moments in your life, you can take a photo and save it on Pregnancy Album.

Add weight and height as you track your pregnancy week-by-week, Pregnancy Coach also help you to have post baby weight and post baby height. Easily track your baby progress and make use of:
- Kick counter: count time and number of kicks, you can track kick count so you will have the kick count data when ever your doctor ask for it.
- Baby size: get info about the babys size based on the week of pregnancy. Pregnancy Coach also give you average baby weight and height so you will know your baby weight and baby height (growth) percentage.
- Baby Picture Album: You can shot a picture with your camera or you can select a photo from your Gallery and you can put note with very cute font and icon and Pregnancy Coach will save them for you with date; so after pregnancy when you give birth, you will have very cute Photo Album that you can show them to your child.

Add images and notes related to your pregnancy
In-depth guide articles about every week of pregnancy
Ability to track pregnancy week-by-week
Add weight and belly size
Add, track and count kicks
Track and get reminders about medicine and supplements
Get info about the best Pregnancy Exercises for your body
Organize better with built-in pregnancy calendar
Get notifications for important news, events & info about your pregnancy.
Pregnancy Coach will be your guide and helper to track and have a much better organized and relaxing birth.
Download now and create your pregnancy week calculator and baby calendar and start your tracking your most important life event in a glance.

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