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Jeet Kune Do is an American martial arts, self - defense, that was created by Bruce Lee, the well-known martial artist and movie star (i.e. Enter the Dragon" and "Fist of Fury"). Jeet Kune Do focuses on techniques that are effective in real combat situations (versus martial arts that utilize stylized patterns or that focus on sports "sparring" techniques). This martial arts style utilizes kicks, punches, grappling and traps.

A hybrid martial art system and life philosophy founded by martial artist Bruce Lee with direct, non classical and straightforward movements. Due to the way his style works they believe in minimal movement with maximum effect and extreme speed.

Bruce Lee wants to create a martial art that is unlimited and free. Then in its development, Jeet Kune Do was created not only to become a better fighter, but also as an art for personal development.

Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It was named for the concept of interception, or attacking your opponent while he is about to attack.

JKD is a martial art that prioritizes one's own character and abilities, so every JKD practitioner is expected to be himself. The system works on the use of different 'tools' for different situations.

Jeet Kune Do is influenced by three arts-Boxing, Fencing and Wing Chun Gung Fu. Technique includes condensed movements. Initially it may seem challenging. Proper execution of a technique includes conditioning, speed, great variety and quick changes. It is explosive. Stay relaxed when executing, dont think-just like when we blink our eyes.

This App teaches how to perform jeet kune dos most devastating strikes and exploit an opponents weaknesses with crafty counterattacks . It reveals how the iconic warrior attained his legendary speed, power, and footwork.


45+ offline videos, No internet needed.
Description for every strike.
High quality video for every strike.
Every video has two parts: Slow motion & Normal motion.

200+ Online videos, short and long videos.
Tutorial videos for every strike, and how to perform it step by step.
Learn how to block any strike with detailed instruction videos.

Warm Up & Stretching & Advanced Routine.
Daily notification & Set up training days for notifications & Set the specific time.

Easy to use, Sample and friendly user interface.
Beautiful design, Fast and stable, Awesome music.
Share tutorial video strikes with your family & friends.

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