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SnapLab - neon, wing, spiral, frame, selfie editor

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Snaplab is the best photo editing app in 2021 and It comes with different types of unique effects, frame templates, Drip effect, B & W effect, blurs effect. Using these effects you can edit the photos with stunning and attractive effects. These things enhanced your photo to the next level.

Using Snaplab you can edit a photo in some easy steps and use effect with just one click. Snaplab will help you to edit photos in few steps, template, effect, sticker, whatever shoot on photo after that add some filter and effects to looks a great picture. There is no charge of any features everything is free to use in this SnapLab.

Filters and Effect
Using these effects and filters you can edit your photo and make impressive photos to post on social media and follow the latest trend with really trending effects,

Wings Effects
Using wings effect, predesign awesome wings makes feel like flying, there are many beautiful and devil wings, you have to just choose how you want to show yourself to your friends.

Neon Effects
Let your pictures glow with a cool Neon effect, colorful spirals, neon frames, different shapes, etc. With this effect, you can add an Amazing AI-based spiral, square shape, heart shape, frame, and all effects to take a pic of the dope effect. This effect brings motion and color gradient to a photo. Using this effect Geometric spirals and frames add photos around the object and person to make digital art.

Frame collection
Let edit the photo with some Eye-catchy frames and background So, edit like this Frame collection look like a photo booth also in that there are many trendy Stickers to make the eye catchy in social media.

Motion effect
Motion effect is used to edit photos of running, walking, and jumping activities. In that Object or person's shadow or persons image step forward at back and it looks as speedy or motion pic, With that pic is look as motion in the photo.

SnapLab effect
Using this effect you can edit photos with a white background and different shapes, and that pic use in profile photos, status, and Instagram posts also you can add some stickers to make it more vibrant.

Drip effect
Drip effect as dope effect to use. Nowadays this Drip effect is trending across social media. In that AI-based detection and color, painting effect come up as result. You can change different drip effects and add some color to them. In that Erase for a crop that portrait photo.

B & W effects
With the B & W effect, Thought that comes up is Old is gold. In that, you can erase some portion and its color show up for an amazing view. The portion which erases is looking its original color. Add some color to it for additional use.

Blur Effect
You can resize your image as you want after that using brush you can apply manual blur or unblur effect on the selected area. Using this after edit pic looks a DSLR effect on the photo. You can blur or unblur a portion of the photo.

At the last, after using the different effects of SnapLab Editor with just one click you can post a photo on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

The Pics editor app does not contain any premium features its totally free for all ages.

You can share your feedback with us on so we can improve our app and once you used dont forget to give us your rating and review that will encourage us to make more amazing things for you.

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