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Welcome to EMF Detector and EMF Finder 2021, accurate EMF meter

Emf Meter & Emf Detector! Now use your mobile sensor as a Radiation Detector through our Emf Meter. Amaze your friends by detecting Electromagnetic field, metals and electric devices. Use Electromagnetic field sensor of your device and detect harmful radiation generated by different devices.

Emf Sensor, Emf meter and Emf finder also provides you the facility to detect metal objects with your android devices. Use your mobile as a tool for detecting harmful radiations.
True Emf Detector and Electromagnetic field finder show you the unchangeable and accurate value of electromagnetic field strength. Emf Detecting accuracy depends on your phone sensor. Emf Finder has a speedometer needle meter which displays the readings of Emf on the screen of your mobile.

Radiation detector will not show any measurement if your device dont have a magnetic sensor, because this app actually detect radiation by using your mobile sensor. Now with the help of radiation meter and at the same time you can use your mobile as nuclear radiation detector and mobile radiation detector.

If you want to find UV rays around you then install our Radiation detector app for free. Emf finder will use your mobile sensor and detect the incoming signals. You will be notify with beep sound when Emf radiations or gamma rays are detected and the accurate emf meter will show you the readings of radiations around you.

Features: EMF Meter gauss meter - EMF Detector
'How to use' guide inside the app
Very Light in size
No permissions required
Easy to use Interface

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