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The all new Slate io app for Android. The app functions as a blackboard or slate for writing on screen with touch, and the best part is it remembers your touch strokes and replays them so that its easy to practice.

There are two modes as part of features in this wonderful slate app.
-- Create mode:
* In this mode, you can create new character/symbol/diagram sets, and individual characters/symbols/diagrams within the sets, and save them. These sets can later be used in the practice mode for learning through repetition.
* You can delete a set or a character by swiping them to the left only in create mode
-- Practice Mode
* In this mode, you can select an existing set of characters/symbols/diagrams, and practice to write them one by one.
To do this:
(a) select a set
(b) select a character/symbol/diagram you want to practice, and learn to write/draw it by repeatedly drawing over it like a regular slate or blackboard.

Enjoy the app and leave constructive feedback.

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