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Smart Protractor is in the 1st set of the Smart Tools collection.

This app measures the angle and the slope of an object. It has some protractor modes.

1. Touch mode : for angle. After putting an object on the screen, touch the screen.
2. Plumb mode : for slope. A weight shows the slope of your device.

Protector is a screen lock application that prevents accidental operation of the touch screen and physical buttons. This app disables the touch operation of other apps on your screen. It's the most customizable.
Protector is a simple app that disables touch screen and physical button operations, but it has many useful uses.
When walking while looking at a map app, the map does not shift even if you touch the screen.
Protractor for measuring Angles.

Measure angle between two markers.

Horizontal and vertical plumb lines (Tap to snap nearest marker to line, double tap to track, tap again to release).

CAL button to calibrate Accelerometer if plumb lines are out.

Copy angle in degrees and radians to clipboard.

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