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welcome to your application Radio Italy - Radio Italy FM, Italian Radio Online, made ideally for every person who loves italian music and entertainment, listen to your italian radio stations from the republic of Italy free and live from different cities of the Italian country as:

- Radio stations in Abruzzo, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Sardegna, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Kliguria, Lombardia, Marche, Molise, Roma and other Italian cities.

We offer you Italian radio stations on am and fm frequencies where you can enjoy to all genres of music Italian and listen such as (current news from Italy, Italian newspapers, Italian political events, enjoy all Italian radio stations online), Radio Italy Online FM & AM and sports like (swimming, Italian soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, cricket, badminton, baseball, futsal, golf, etc) and Italian radio stations live and free.

our app gives you the best live Italian radio stations to listen to, and that's not all since among other added features you can:
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below, a list of some live Italian radio stations that you can enjoy in our Italy radio app (some Italian radio stations may not be heard, may be off or you do not have your internet activated).

Retesport 105.6 FM
Kiss Kiss 93.6 Potenza
Radiostar 92.5 FM
Radio Italia 1 95.3 FM
Deejay 89.4 FM Matera
Audio Italia 100.4 FM
Latte Miele Veneto
Lady Radio 90.8 FM
Radio Norba 90.8 FM
Kiss Kiss Italia 94.6 FM
Radio RDS 91.6 FM
Radio Noise FM
Ti Ricordi 99.0 FM
Radio Toscana FM
Number One 90.5 FM
Kiss Kiss 95.90 FM
Radio Paradiso Hit
Magic 2 105.8 FM
Radio Italia Uno
Blu Radio Veneto
RDS 103 FM Roma
Radio Italia 101.3 FM
Fiesole 100.0 FM
Disco Radio 96.5 FM
Radio Rai 1 89.7 FM
Campania Napoli
Duemila Lucca
Radio 105 FM Milano
Radio 80 102.7 FM
Radio Raphal
Radio Kiss 92.5 FM
Radio Laser
Toscana Network
Piu Taibon Agordino
Radio 60 70 80
Treviso Treviso
Radio Venezia FM
Energy Italia Web
Rai 2 91.7 FM Roma
Blue Napoli 102.15 FM
Diffusione Pistoia FM
Radio Bruno Fiorentina
TRV Tele Veneta
RAI Radio 1 91.5
Cuore 92.3 FM
Radio 24 101.7 FM
Radio Montorfano
Rete Sport
Deejay 92.0 FM
Radicale 97.00 FM
Radio ART
LatteMiele 98.9 FM
GRP 106.7 FM
Deejay 90.1 FM
Radio 24 97.3 FM
Italia 5 FM 101.6 FM
Studio 90 Italia 87.5
Fantastica 101.5 FM
Kiss Kiss 97.0 FM
Amore 99.0 FM
Rai 3 93.7 FM
Radio Italia Uno 1
Top Italia Radio
Radio 104.5 FM
Azzurra 91.6 FM
Radio Siena 92.2 FM
Radio Naples Napoli
Max Radio Classic
Italia Uno 100.8 FM
Chioggia Sottomarina
Tele Orte 87.60 FM
R101 101.7 FM Aosta
Erreti Tadino 101.1 FM
Prima Sicilia 90.6 FM
Amore Messina 105.8
Agira International FM
RAI Sender Bozen
Proposta inBlu
Salentina 92.8 FM
Radio Bue Padova
Azzurra 107.6 FM
RTL 102.5 FM Roma
Cortina 102 FM
RTS 80s Radio
Laser 92.4 FM
Kiss Kiss 107.0 FM
RGS 102.7 FM Palermo
Valentina 91.2 FM.

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