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Spare My Hair App is created to help people with hair loss based on the Spare My Hair products protocol. It provides a live consultation with Shahinaz Soliman, MD a Board certified physician to offer consultation for customers with hair loss . The app offers special discounts to customers who are using it and information as well in app shopping for the products. It shows a before and after gallery videos for customers who used the products. It has a 24/7 assistant artificially intelligent avatar to answer customer questions.
Spare My Hair is created by Shahinaz Soliman, MD of Los Angeles, California.
Dr. Soliman is a board certified primary care physician who is the medical director of her own practice in the South bay.
She has been caring for thousands of patients for the past twenty years, with variety of medical conditions including hair loss.
During her years of practice she developed a special interest in researching solutions for thinning hair, for both men and women.
After years of research, and in the quest to find a solution for this devastating problem, she was able to determine the most effective ingredients and modalities that may help many people to restore their hair loss, in the most natural way, and without any invasive procedures or surgeries.
Hair loss can be multi factorial, due to many causes which includes but not limited to, genetic factors, lack of proper supplements and nutrition, anemia, autoimmune problems, stress, infections, post-surgical, and after febrile illnesses.
Dr. Soliman developed Spare My Hair line of products to help restore the thinning hair, by mixing all the natural ingredients that she researched.
Dr. Solimans philosphy of the Spare My Hair protocol , is to combine all those natural organic hair regrowth products with a low grade cool Laser hair follicles stimulation , to achieve the optimal hair regrowth results.
The products were manufactured by an FDA certified USA private label companies and pharmacists .
Spare my Hair products turned to be a breakthrough Potion and solution , which really helped hundreds of men and women to restore their thinning hair

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