AppLock Anti Shoulder Surfing

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KSJ AppLock Anti Shoulder Surfing

The Best Application Locker that is capable to protecting from shoulder surfing

KSJ AppLock is an Application locker or Security Application capable of protecting your application!
HPAST Application Locker is 2018 applock with pattern, PIN or anti shoulder surfing scheme!

AppLock can lock all android apps.
AppLock can lock photos and videos (Gallery).
AppLock use anti shoulder surfing scheme. No one can access your application except you!
AppLock encrypts all the credential data you use to lock the app!
AppLock using Device Administrator permissions (to prevent AppLock from being removed)

With KSJ Applock Anti Shoulder Surfing, you do not need:
anxious, when coworkers peep you into entering a password!
anxious, when your parents check your social media!
anxious, when your friends borrow your smartphone!
anxious, when someone tries to access personal information in your app!
anxious, when children change settings, use your social media and your mobile banking!

For further information and support please contact
email : fajar_dimar@yahoo.co.id

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