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A vegan mousse is a fine arranged sustenance that consolidates air rises to give it a light and vaporous surface.

It can run from light and soft to smooth and thick, contingent upon readiness systems. A vegan mousse might be sweet or flavorful.

Sweet vegan mousses are usually made with whipped egg whites or whipped cream, and seasoned with at least one of chocolate, espresso, caramel, pured organic products, or different herbs and flavors, for example, mint or vanilla.

Vegan mousses are additionally regularly chilled before being served, which gives them a denser surface. Sweetened mousse is filled in as a treat, or utilized as a vaporous cake filling. It is in some cases settled with gelatin.

Flavorful vegan mousses can be produced using meat, angle, shellfish, foie gras, cheddar, or vegetables. Hot mousses frequently get their light surface from the expansion of beaten egg whites.

Vegan mousse does not contain eggs, milk or any other animal products.

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