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"""Gold cost Gold costs (US$ per troy ounce), in ostensible US$ and swelling balanced US$ from 1914 ahead. Gold value history in 1960 2014 Gold cost per gram between Jan 1971 and Jan 2012. The chart demonstrates ostensible cost in US dollars, the cost in 1971 and 2011 US dollars Gold has been utilized all through history as cash and has been a relative standard for money reciprocals particular to monetary districts or nations, as of not long ago. Numerous European nations actualized highest quality levels in the last piece of the nineteenth century until these were incidentally suspended in the money related emergencies including World War I.[3] After World War II, the Bretton Woods framework pegged the United States dollar to gold at a rate of US$35 per troy ounce. The framework existed until the point when the 1971 Nixon Shock, when the US singularly suspended the immediate convertibility of the United States dollar to gold and made the change to a fiat money framework. The last cash to be separated from gold was the Swiss Franc in 2000.[citation needed]. Since 1919 the most well-known benchmark at the cost of gold has been the London gold settling, a twice-day by day phone meeting of delegates from five bullion-exchanging firms of the London bullion advertise. Besides, gold is exchanged constantly all through the world in light of the intra-day spot cost, got from over-the-counter gold-exchanging markets the world over (code """"XAU""""). The accompanying table sets out the gold cost versus different resources and key insights at five-year intervals.[4]"""

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