Digital Signal Conditioning

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This app explains how to do Digital Signal Conditioning using Code Vision AVR and Proteus Design Suite (step-by-step).

The simulation demonstrated a digital signal conditioning using code vision avr micro-controller and proteus design suite.

Analog input (2v - 4v) is represented on an lcd as (0 - 50)degree Celcius. If the temperature reading exceeds 45-degree, then a led flasher alarm should be indicated.

Application features:

In this app you will learn the following:

- how to do analog to digital conversion using micro-controller (ADC micro controller)

- how to do digital to digital conversion also using microcontroller (DDC uc)

- how to display integers and float numbers on an lcd

- how to write a program code using code vision avr c compiler

- learn to create new project using the proteus design suite

-make an led flash / design a flashing circuit

- The concept of signal conditioning

- Use the knowledge above to design a digital signal conditioning circuit on proteus to convert an analog voltage (2v - 4v) to a temperature reading between (0 - 50) degree celcius.

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