The Ultimate Cure

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Hey! We need your help! Please read this message before aliens intercept and delete it!

Please help or the Earth is doomed!

We are from the past - we live in the 14th century. And we beg you to help! It is of yours and people of your time interest too!

There was an old man in our time who lived in our kingdom - but separately from the mainland - on an island. He invented a potion that heals any diseases, gives invulnerability in fights and a huge lifetime extension. This potion is named "The Ultimate Cure".

Now aliens want to have the potion to use it on their soldiers and then to CONQUER THE EARTH!

You have been chosen to travel to the 14th century to our kingdom. Your mission is to reach the place where the potion is and to destroy it before aliens take it!

They will soon take over the Earth if you don't stop them!

Here are some things that will make your adventure more interesting:

- You can choose from 14 languages to play the game in: Arabic, Bengali, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese.

- 3D graphics

- Animated videos of key moments in the game with both voice and subtitles

- The best architects in the kingdom worked hard so now landscapes and buildings look beautiful.

- We personally chose the best musicians of our time to play different tunes for you through the game

- Our kingdom has the largest land of all kingdoms of our time

- We do not know what the Internet is - so you will be able to play this game even without the Internet connection

More info and tips: https://www.alva-entertainment.com/projects

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