Badminton Jump League

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Badminton Jump League is a game that based on real life badminton sport game.
The only different in badminton is that instead of in 3D format the game is in 2D.
Like in any badminton sport or league games you need to follow the basic rules and regulations of it.

Badminton Jump League features:

1.\tAt first you will be given free shuttlecock that design as in real life badminton sport as in real like in 3D.
2.\tAlong the way, you will be facing obstacles that either would be foul or out.
3.\tThe obstacle can come in fast or slow movement speed same as in real life badminton sport or in any league.
4.\tHow to obtain high score? Get the most point in capture the racket.

Fight with your friends on getting highest score in Badminton Jump League. One of many tips that you need to keep in touch is that to look on the right side instead of looking at your shuttlecock. Also like in badminton game if the shuttle hit racket you get higher chance in winning the point and finally win the league.
Click on the screen will move the shuttlecock on purpose of dodging the incoming missile like object. If you are having fun with the game, be sure to share and spread the happiness to your friends and families.

Enjoy the badminton game while its still FREE and while the league it still hot.

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