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Areeka is your ultimate Augmented Reality (AR) educational app made with love to grant you access to regularly increasing and engaging Educational content! You can discover amazing characters and scenes and freely take these with you anywhere you go. You also have the bonus of being able to interact with the content in your natural environment for a truly engaging and unforgettable experience! Because Areeka bridges the gap between print material and digital content, you have access to seeing content come to life with books, cards, posters, T-Shirts, flyers, stickers and even more! There are no limits to how many times you can interact with your content, simply hop on the digital revolution with the Areeka app and enjoy learning at your pace in any place!


Get ready to discover incredible worlds while in the comfort of your home or school, or even the outdoors. No need to just imagine it anymore, as you can take a walk with pre-historic dinosaurs, learn road rules easily with traffic sign interactions, master difficult Math through understandable visuals, explore the human body and find out the different layers making up our living system, take a step back to the medieval ages and have fun with knights and castles, enter the ancient Egyptian world and learn great facts, all for a truly memorable experience!

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Visit our official site at https://areeka.net/
Check out our blog at https://areeka.net/blog/

What you can do?

- You can access the content without any limits and freely interact with it
- Bring the content and characters into your real environment
- Take Screenshots, make GiFs and easily share your scenes with one tap
- Pin models on your device and zoom in or out for added interaction
- Create magical memories by getting pictured with your favourite characters and scenes and sharing the moment with your peers.

How to use the App?

First things first - in order to use the Augmented Reality features, you need a mobile device (smartphone, tablet), software (Areeka app) and a print medium (Areeka product).

If you open the Areeka app, the camera function starts automatically. Then you scan a graphic from the selected product with your mobile device and et voil: the illustartion is brought to life. The app recognizes the graphic within a very short time and plays the corresponding 2D or 3D animation. This technologie helps schoolchildren learn new materials. Thanks to the animations, what has been read before can be processed better and then accessed more easily.

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