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Are you beginner in fundamental analysis, but don't want to be a coattail investor? Interested in stock market, but don't know how to identify good companies? Or maybe you know them, but cannot judge if they are cheap enough to buy? In this case this app is for you!

- Fundamental Score (i.e. Financial Health of the business based on Financial Statements filed during past 10 years. Takes into account such things as: consistency and dynamics of the main ratios, like EPS, ROE, inventory etc.; monopoly, management efficiency etc.);
- Dividend Reliability Score (i.e. How confident you can be about the dividends from this company. Assesses such things as dividend history, dividend cuts, governance quality, dividend payout ratios, credit ratings etc.);
- Overall rating of the company (On a scale 0 to 100%, based upon fundamentals, dividend reliability, economic moat etc.);
- Very basic Price Analysis (Is it relatively cheap or expensive as of now, based on Price-To-Earnings and historical prices);
- Comprises 1,200 stocks from NYSE;
- Companies' profiles;
- Companies lookup by ticker and name;
- Stock Screener (an unconventional screener where you will be able to use criteria like "EPS constantly grows with an annual growth % not lower than", "Fundamental Score not lower than", so that your search criteria are formulated rather in natural language, rather than complicated financial ratios);
- Fundamentals and other scores are provided by blackbeltinvestments.com;
- The app cannot be used offline, it requires Internet connection.

IMPORTANT! This app is NOT for technical analysis. It will not contain candlesticks or other sophisticated charts. So, if you are a day trader or want to speculate, this app is NOT for you. But if you are an income investor or want to see a long-term quite predictable appreciation of your investments (i.e. you are a fundamental investor), then this app is a good tool for you.

This app is a tool to assist in and partially automate the process of fundamental investor's decision making. So, it must be used with caution; there are some niggles and caveats; though all data are believed to be correct, the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any such information is not warranted or guaranteed. The data provided "as is". PAST PERFORMANCE DOES NOT GUARANTEE FUTURE PERFORMANCE.

Are you ready to take the full responsibility for your financial future?

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