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Infinity Battle is Simple killing time RPG of easy operation.
Far the monster that will become more and more strongly or can defeat in a row.
To strengthen you can increase the new companion in the reward you got to defeat the monster,
Let's psyched for the next powerful monsters you can aim for a high score.

--Battle almost automatic.
By However varying the placement of the party members
Since damage to the enemy may be changing the recovery target or double
Surprisingly busy ...!

--You can draw a Gacha in reward you got in battle.
It is possible to get a new companion from Gacha, it will lead to force enhancement.
In addition, remuneration also be used to strengthen the character.
Let's aim for a high score by more and more strongly.

--The type of character three, attacker, magician, healer.
Attacker: high physical strength in order to carry out the attack on the monster at the forefront, attack frequency is also high.
Magician: While not as strong as the attacker, and aim to stabilize the damage continuous since it is attacked in the second column.
Healer: I can recover the allies are in the front.

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