Endless Jewels

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Bored? Time to kill? Then Endless Jewels is just the game for you!
Endless Jewels is a casual-puzzle game by Alpaca Studio. Endless Jewels offers the same quality and game play experience one might find in the vast array of "Jewel" games. However Endless Jewels doesn't come packed with timers, coins, challenges, or purchases. You just play as long as you wish (or until you run out of moves) and quit when your done. (If you do run out of moves you would just click the 'Restart' button. Your high score will automatically be saved).

How to Play

The objective of the game is to match as many jewel pairs as you can. The minimum required for a match is 3. Matches can be vertical or horizontal, but NOT diagonal. Certain jewel pairs vary in points given per jewel. Each Diamond Alpaca is worth 10 points a piece; while each Golden Alpaca is worth 15 points a piece. All other jewels are worth 5 points.
You play until you run out of moves. Scores are automatically added to the leaderboard.
Achievements coming soon!

PC and Browser Version Available Now!

Endless Jewels is also available on PC and Browser! You can play right now on alpaca-studio.itch.io/endless-jewels and/or download the free standalone version.

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