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Write. Speak. Listen. Read with Alio note
Notepad is an awesome text editor that has a lot of features:

Alio Note is easy to use and comfortable a simple colored, talking notepad app to take notes ,memo ,email ,notebook ,message ,etc. that can be used for diary or as a private notebook .Alio Note app is a word pad and text editor which allows you to make an organized checklist in folder and access them easily to help you to manage your schedules to help you in your job
Alio Note contains many important features.

1) Text to Speech.
This allows the user listen to the text if he was suffering eye strain or stress when looking for long -term to smart devices.

2) Speech to text.
You can write very quickly by the voice without using the keyboard. With smart recognize of the question format by adding a question mark ( ? ) after the end of the question using an android voice recognition.

3) Share.
Sharing note as an e-mail or with other applications, your friends , social site .etc..

4) Copy.
Copy your note to clipboard or to any application.

5) Find.
This feature is to search for a character, word or sentence in the text.

6) Font size.
Change font size to comfort the user's eye with text wrapping automatically.

7) Font Color.
Alio note can change the color of the font to suit the user and according to his own taste.

8) Page Color
The user can choose from various colors of the page to suit his own taste.

9) Remove.
You can remove the text with one click button.
10) Save.
Saving the text in checklist in internal folder and can you delete or edit it.
11) Save as.
You can save the note in the folder with the same ID in the memory card SD and saving the note as
text. doc. pdf. mp3.

12) Export to SD card
Export your notes to Alio note folder in SD card.

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