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The Smart Driver App uses telematics technology and GPS (Global Positioning System) which offers a range of services enjoyed by the driver of the school buses or authorities and administrators. It is a web based school bus monitoring application module which is available at all hours and can be accessed as per requirement. The app permits a driver to select a trip, access the route plan of the vehicle and track driving hours. Ever since this app was introduced into the school administrative system, driving has become easier due to easy tracking of driving time and GPS services.
It has also put worried parents to rest and given a sense of ease over the safety of their children, as their location can now be easily and accurately tracked by parents and school authorities. Also, parents can access driver information in a single click if needed.
The app provides services to all three concerned parties making it a sought after module to possess. It helps the administrative authorities to record the bus details, driver details and the number of students along with accurately recorded information of each of them. As for the driver, it allows them to get alerts, access maps and routes, keep in touch with parents, keep tabs on time of start trip time and end trip time, giving them a pleasurable experience of driving. Whereas, parents get to enjoy the safety and location info of their children when they are out of school, both drop off info and pick up info. All of which can be accessed by all three concerned parties at any given time as per authorization as everything is recorded.
The use of a smart driver app has innovative and dedicated apps just for monitoring, as it has a module that enables a driver to send location information to the main server and get smart driving alerts. The app can be run of any smartphone, tab or desktops. Since there is no specific hardware required for the app to be active or in use, the use of which is widely motivated for having the best experience.

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