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All India Federation of Dhat Maheshwari Samaj ( AIFDMS )was formed with primary motive of uniting our Samaj initially at State level & later on at National level so that we can survive tough time with the support of each other & live with self-respect & dignity. In every moment of the life, we can experience the benefits of being united, therefore it is very much essential for us to be united. With this primary thought of being united, it was felt by majority of the members of our Samaj that if we try to unite our samaj in traditional way, where by birth each one is the member of the Samaj, we would not be able to unite them immediately. There are several reasons for it. In every society, the changes in established norms is not easily acceptable. There are many places, where the persons are divided in certain groups, which in the present circumstances, cannot be united in the name of Samaj. Therefore, it was felt that there should be an organization which should unite the people of positive thinking & are willing to work towards the betterment of every member of the samaj. By doing the work for the Samaj & involving maximum number of persons, the differences amongst the members of samaj will automatically be reduced to the maximum extent.
In this background, after deliberation of Nine months in whole Gujarat, an organization in real sense had come into existence on 6th May of 2007 at Modasa, wherein the Managing Committee of the AIFDMS was formed. There are lot of works to be done for the betterment of the Samaj, as we were not able to do work collectively at either the State level or at the National level in earlier period. Therefore, we have to work in systematic manner with sincerity & devotion towards the Samaj. We all have to come forward to contribute something for the Samaj.

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