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The mouse runs through a cardboard labyrinth of differently shaped cardboard boxes and tries to collect all cheese slices on its way. The more cheese slices it collects, the more points it gets. The end score is the total amount of points collected till the end of a run.

On its path through the labyrinth the mouse will also encounter obstacles. In order to pursue its cheese chasing quest the mouse needs to overcome every obstacle either by bypassing or by jumping over it. There are fixed (static) and moving (dynamic) obstacles. When the mouse runs against many static obstacles, it becomes dizzy and more difficult to control. The more it hits, the dizzier it gets. The dizziness disappears over time, if you manage to maneuver the mouse carefully past the obstacles. If this is not the case and the mouse continues to collide with static obstacles then it passes out and the game is over. Moving obstacles, such as Mousetraps, must be avoided at all cost. If a mouse gets snapped by a mousetrap, the game is over.

Obstacles are not the only challenge the player needs to face. As the game progresses the mouse becomes quicker and the obstacles on its path become more frequent. Only a skilful mouse runner can master all levels of the labyrinth. Challenge your friends, get the most points and secure your place in the Hall of Fame!

Author's Note:
New Updates are on their way. If you have any suggestions for new features that you really want, or that could enhance and enrich the game experience, please send your ideas. It's very likely that your feature will be implemented in the upcoming updates, so please be a part of it :)

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