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With this free topography app you can get data to help you in tracing circular curves.
Helps you in field tasks either you are a topographer, engineer, resident or supervisor you can be prepared whenever a project needs a horizontal curve\u200d\u200d. It's your new curve construction topography tool.
3 main scenarios are considered:
1.- Measure tape (for little to mid curves) - helps you with circular curves that can be measured with tape on the field.
2.- Theodolite (deflexion and lengths) - may be useful as an Topography educational issues.
3.- Total Station (with coordinates) - to check your Total Station data if it already has that option, or gives you topography circular curve data (coordinates) to get into your Total Station if not available by default.

Use this free tool so you can be ready to trace any circular curve your job needs (field Topography jobs).

Ease your field Topography work and take less time to solve circular curves problems .

Note: This software is delivered as is, without removing the responsability of the professional who uses it and the data most be reviewed by the same.

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