SwirlWalls: Animated UHD Wallpaper Backgrounds

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If you're looking for a mind-blowing wallpaper experience that allows you to unlock 100% of wallpapers and features for free, SwirlWalls is the app for you!

SwirlWalls' magic comes from centering a spinning wallpaper on your screen, then naturally animating it as you interact with your phone. It sounds simple, but you'll quickly come to realize this natural animation is truly transformative.

SwirlWalls makes the countless home screen page changes, gesture navigation swipes and lock screen interactions you do each day instantly feel more responsive. And with Tap-to-Spin, you'll discover a delightfully fun micro gesture that simply make using your phone more fun.

Standout SwirlWalls features include:
Feature Meter: A customer friendly system that allows you to use the app forever, with 100% of app wallpapers and features unlocked, without ever paying a cent!
Unlock true wallpaper interactivity: Once you discover how much more responsive SwirlWalls' animated wallpapers make your phone feel, you'll wonder how you've gone so long without it.
Gorgeous, custom-built artwork: SwirlWalls includes over 200 custom wallpapers with enough styles and color combinations to suit all tastes. Whether you're a fan of dark wallpapers or prefer eye-searingly bright backgrounds, SwirlWalls has you covered.
Wallpaper styles and remixes: Each of SwirlWalls' wallpaper styles is available in 10 or more "remixes", allowing you to pick not just a wallpaper you like, but the color scheme or effect you prefer.
Full Dark theme support: Every wallpaper has at least one dark "remix", and automatically switches to a dark variant of your favorite wallpaper when you switch to Dark theme.
Tap-to-Spin: Chain home screen taps together to briefly increase the wallpaper rotation. Think of it like a fidget spinner, right on your home screen!
FlickFX: A surprisingly addictive gesture based control system where you flick your device (just like a Wii Remote) to make your wallpaper spin. Try chaining left and right swipes together and bask in the micro bites of delight that ensue!
Dynamic render speeds: SwirlWalls matches your phone's refresh rate, so there's no better way to experience and show off your high refresh rate screen!
Configurable gestures: Switch wallpapers directly from your home screen via customizable gesture controls. You can even set a gesture to "Lock" the device screen.
Settings: Tweak the rotation speed, wallpaper dim, tint the status/navigation bars and more.

SwirlWalls works flawlessly with all launchers, whether you're using a stock launcher like Pixel Launcher or Samsung One UI Home, or a 3rd party launcher like Action Launcher, Nova Launcher or Smart Launcher.

We hope you give SwirlWalls a try, and discover for yourself how this gorgeous, fun-filled wallpaper app will enrich and enhance your daily phone usage

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