Bomber Plane 3D - Air Combat: Flight Simulator

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Eagle One, its Nest speaking. The enemy is on the right of you. Over Roger, Nest, were running up. Over and out.

In the restricted space of a battle plane when every stray bullet may cause immediate death! The enemy troops are so close that they can see the color of your eyes! This is where only the bravest can stand. Bomber Plane 3D will let you feel like a shooter of a real attack plane fulfilling deadly tasks in the hostile sky. Experience bomber simulator in battle. Support land troops with your fire and help to win the war! Attack the enemy army from the air, hit your targets. Your main target is to blow up the base of enemy's army!

Test your nerves and bravery, become a shooter of a real war plane and rain your fire down on the enemy lines. Challenging target await for you. Choose the right shooting guns, find military objects of enemy and blow them up. Each bomber flight will also end in defeat. Air combat will not be easy. Be accurate and merciless, complete all the missions and win the air combat!

Nest, its Eagle One. All targets are burning. Roger, Eagle One. Great job. Return to the base. Affirmative, Nest. Over and out.

HOW TO PLAY: Youre a shooter on a powerful war plane and your mission is to grind every hostile unit in your sight into dust. Choose your gun and shoot all the enemies that you can see! Hit targets, attack military equipment and other enemy objects, combat with the enemy. Bomber simulator is made for flight and air battles. Help your forces to complete their mission. Leave the hostile soldiers no chances to flee from under your firestorm alive! But be careful, dont shoot your friendly troops!

Bomber Plane 3D key Features:

- various missions to complete with increasing difficulty;
- powerful realistic attack plane carrying you;
- two guns to shoot from: a machine-gun ring and a cannon;
- realistic physics and shooting sound effects.

Experience Bomber Plane 3D simulator in the flight and win the battle.

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