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The new version of the quadrilingual legal dictionary Le Docte features more specific legal content and a far more comprehensive approach. Alongside the translations, additional information is provided to allocate the legal terms to their respective area of law or the national legal system. We feel that it is important to recognise that issues such as European integration, the globalisation of trade and the internationalisation of the sciences have greatly increased the need for individual and administrative legal knowledge, meaning that there is increased interaction between different national legal systems which now come into contact with one another more often. This work therefore not only provides the translation of the individual legal terms, but also includes references to equivalent or comparable legal expressions.
The print edition now features Dutch as its source language and addresses Dutch-speaking readers in Belgium and the Netherlands. A distinction is therefore made between the individual country codes and the specific terms from Belgian and Dutch law. The French, German and English sections also make use of keywords as a starting point. Approximately 30,000 fundamental terms have been compiled in line with the latest knowledge concerning terminology and lexicography.

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