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Dallas McMillan Solicitors were formed in 1875 and are based in the centre of Glasgow. We have years of experience in pursuing and securing compensation for people injured in road traffic accidents.

Being involved in a road traffic accident can be an extremely stressful experience for you and your family. We want to ensure that we can do everything to assist you if you are involved in a road traffic accident and we are delighted to introduce our new app, Dallas McMillan Accident Assistance, which is designed to ensure that you receive immediate assistance if you are involved in a road traffic accident.

If you are involved in an accident then activating our app will ensure that you receive assistance straight way. Our partner, Active Auto Solutions, will make sure that you have assistance within 45 minutes of your accident. If you are not at fault for the accident they will provide a replacement vehicle for you and they will ensure that you get home following the accident. If you are unfortunately injured in the accident we will then recover compensation for the loss, injury and damage you have sustained. Using the app means that you will not require to pay additional legal expenses cover as part of your motor insurance and it will also avoid you paying your excess even in claims where you are not at fault.

The app also allows you to capture photographic and video evidence of the accident scene. It will also allow you to upload dash cam footage.

The app is free to use. The services provided by Active Auto Assist and Dallas McMillan are also entirely free of charge. Dallas McMillan will deal with your compensation claim on a no-win no-fee basis and when the claim succeeds you will receive 100% of the compensation they recover for you.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in a road traffic accident, simply submit your request through the app and we will take care of the rest.

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