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The Hanoi Towers also known as Towers of Hanoi, Tower of Brahma and Lucas' Tower, it's a puzzle with a mathematical solution consisting in three rods with a number of disks of scaled sizes from bigger to smaller, the smallest at the top like a conical shape.

The objective of the game is to move all the disks from the left rod to the right rod in the minimal amount of movements taking in count these 3 rules:

* Only one disk can be moved at a time
* Only the upper disk can be moved to another rod that can be empty or not
* A disk can't be placed over a smaller disk

The game is played by levels, each time all disk are taken to the right rod, the current level is finished and a new one begins, each new level adds a new disk to the left stack on the left rod making every new level more and more complex.

Each time a level is finished an end level dialogue appears with the following information:

* The finished level number
* The elapsed time used to complete it
* A 3 Stars rank for:

1. Minimal Movements,
2. No error or mistakes,
3. Time Record

To win the game the player must complete 7 levels

At the end the game shows a results chart with all the completed levels, it's times, records, number of good and bad movements, the 3 stars raking obtained, and which of the 6 achievements the player got, that are the following:


1. The First 3 Stars: When the player got its first 3 stars rank
2. 3 Impeccable Levels: When the player got 3 stars rank 3 consecutive times
3. 3 Consecutive Time Records: When the player reach 3 level records
4. Unstoppable!: When the player reach 5 level records
5. Game Completed: When the player complete all the levels
6. Best Game Time: The player finished the game with the minimal amount of time

We hope you enjoy this fun mathematical game.

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