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The queen of artistic gymnastics is a magical queen with gymnastic skills. She is going to show her skills to world championship. Experience the kingdom of gymnastics with your friends and family. Do you dream to be the most beautiful artistic gymnastic queen of the world? Then this free queen gymnastic game is for you and your girls. How to be a professional gymnastic is not an easy job and you need proper training for this. First of all research the local classes, learn all the different activities in gymnastic. Artistic gymnastic is most popular form in this specialty train on the balanced beam, vault and practice floor routines as well.

Rhythmic gymnasts is about move and dance to music using the ball , ribbon ,ropes, clubs or hoop. Mostly women are trained in this form. Where Aerobic gymnastics or sports aerobics focuses more on aerobic fitness skills as compare to other forms. Routines are performed on the floor without equipment where it do not involve balance skills or acrobatics. You need to work on your flexibility, Gymnasts may not have the biggest muscles but they are extremely strong. Most amateur gymnasts train strength using their own body weight for instance with pull ups and push ups which is not good.

Taking the dance classes is most important for any gymnastic girl. Gymnastics need to keep felixble and graceful. During all gymnastic activities talk to your coach. Bend are the first moves learned by the gymnastics. Some important activities every gymnastic should know include:

* How to do bridge
* How to come up from back bend
* How to do a back limber
* How to do a back walkover
* How to do gymnastic jumps
* Chinese split
* Aerial cartwheel
* Roundoff Back Handspring
* Backflip
* Chest stand
* Triangle
* Pike
* Needle
* Scorpion

How to improve the flexibility?
* Over splits on all legs.
* Grab your ankles with your hands in a bridge
* Try to straighten your legs in a chest stand
* Get a needle with and over split
* Point your toes to the ground with straight legs

How to improve leaps and jumps?
* Split Leap
* Sissone a split jump landing like a leap
* Switch split
* Stage leap
* Wolf leap
* Side leap
* Leap with twist
* Cat leap
* Ring leap
* donut or cat jump

Game features:
* Makeup , makeover and dress up the gymnastic girl
* Hygienic food with vitamin rich for gymnastic girl
* Easy to play and smooth actions
* Real time competition and dance techniques
* Save and share picture on social media
* Download the FREE game and Enjoy

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