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A daily journal for self-compassion.

Be your own best friend, cheerleader, spiritual guru, etc. with our carefully crafted daily journal prompts. Its an easy way to incorporate self reflection into your life, and reflect on all the things that matter.

Your diary is not just about writing what you ate for lunch. Instead, you can befriend yourself with thought-provoking prompts from day one. Reflect on your hopes and dreams, and really listen to yourself like a compassionate friend. If youve ever struggled to keep up with a diary, our daily journal prompts can remove the struggle of thinking of things to say, and make this journaling habit easy to maintain.

Each journal prompt comes with Dive Deeper questions to help you get the most out of your self care journal:
E.g. For the writing prompt: Love is, reflect on Dive Deeper questions like How do you show love towards others? How do others show love towards you? What was your first memory of feeling loved? Does love have a spiritual dimension for you? If so, how?
The Dive Deeper questions help prevent writers block, making journaling a powerful wellness tool from day one.

A daily diary can seem daunting, even tedious when in fact, journaling can be a powerful self care habit. Read through our reviews: youll find users who have used this app as a therapy journal, a self help aid, and a thought diary of everything important to them. Your daily journal can be a deeply rewarding wellness ritual that helps you write thoughts you might have otherwise ignored. We hope Prompted Journal helps you uncover more of what youre meant be.

This writing app can feel like traveling through time. On day one, youll write a letter to your future self (1st prompt: Dear Future Me). About 3-4 months later, when the prompt recycles, youll be able to read your letter. While we love the physical diary, writing apps make it possible to instantly find the last time you answered the same journal prompt, or view ALL the times you answered the prompt at once. Watch your self esteem improve with each new cycle: your answers to journal prompts like My biggest fear might show how you have overcome anxiety. This writing app becomes a conversation between you, your past self, and your future self. Your diary becomes a memento of how much youve grown. Just by incorporating a simple 5 minute journal habit into your life, you can get to know yourself again.

* Self care journaling for busy lives: 190+ journal prompts ready to go, recurring every 3-4 months.
* Daily reminders help you write and reflect every day.
* Create a PDF of your diary to print, email, or save.
* Daily journaling made easy.

Life is a journey, and our prompts are designed to help you reflect daily on where youre heading. Write your thoughts on everything from mental health to love to self esteem. Make the five minute journal session you can squeeze into your mornings equate to five hours of talking with your best friend. Also, customize your guided journal by making journal prompts that only you can: e.g. My dog Lucy and I With a wide range of topics you can reflect on, you can see yourself in from various angles.

Self help and self therapy are difficult because all the incredible books and spot-on teachings dont force you to put them into practice. Love yourself, Be grateful, etc. sound simple, but can be surprisingly hard to do. We hope our writing apps turn apparently simple self help mantras like Love yourself into wellness habits you can practice daily.

* We specialize in writing apps that foster self care and wellness. Please dont hesitate to contact us.

Your daily journal is yours and yours alone. We dont store any of your data or ask you to create an account. We built this diary journal with your privacy in mind.

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