Quiz How Much Are You A Witch ?

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How Much Are You A Witch ?
There are many different witchcraft traditions from all over the world.

Witch Test: Are You A Real Witch?
A true witch understands what true power is and where it lies. Find out whether or not you are a real witch with this fun quiz and embrace the magic inside of you!

Am I a Witch? Quiz
If you are someone that has always been fascinated by the supernatural and you have always felt a bit different than other people, you might be a witch. Simply put, a witch is someone who uses energy to affect the world around them, someone who embraces the magical power that courses through our veins. There are some telltale signs to look for that indicate you could be a witch, such as an attraction to the dark arts, a love of nature, and the ability to identify the energy of any place you visit. The article I linked to also has a fun quiz to help you decide.

The whole portrayal of the cackling witch with the black robe, black hat, striped socks, black cat, and witch's broom is far outdone and greatly inaccurate. There are many witches walking among us practicing and flowing with the sync of daily life, and they may present themselves in any way they choose.

Witches are men or women who use the energy of the universe to do work. So whether a wise-woman wears her natural, long, gray hair and a knitted coverup, or a man wears sleek, black clothes, silver adornments, and a hat, there's really no telling who is a witch and who isn't from an outer appearance.
You may have been musing over the question "How Much Are You A Witch?" for a while. Let's takea look at the signs and characteristics that define a contemporary or modern witch. Take this quiz and find out!

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