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Canariculture application where you can see and learn more about the world of these birds. In this application you will find videos that will be renewed for free, on poultry farming in the Canary Islands.
Canariculture is the branch of poultry farming that deals with the breeding and breeding methods of domestic canaries.
If you love the nature and contact of the birds, this is your application. Multitude of videos of birds and specifically of the canaries. This is ornithology, which refers to the study of birds.
This is an application to watch videos with children. Canariculture studies the world of the canary, its genetics, its color, origin, Canary Islands, breeding and its song. How they do the laying, how they incubate, and their chicks are born. The feeding for each species. It is important that they live in pairs to reproduce.

In this application the song of the birds is differentiated. The birds of the competitions usually wear a ring on the leg. Beauty in canaries will depend on their genetics. If you want to learn about the world of canaricultura download this application for free and see a multitude of videos available. Have pairs of these animals at home, make them. Have a baby Listen to your singing. Experience the world of poultry farming and ornithology.

Within canaricultura, it is necessary to assign a predominant role to the wild canary. These are small birds of the order of the passerines and the family of the finches, typical of the Canary Islands, the Azores and Madeira.
The size of domestic canary varies according to the different breeds, being of a length between 11.5 cm and 23.5 cm.
Download the application and vote. Very good application of ornithology, poultry and canariculture, bird song.

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