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The Social Motion Project is an online platform that rewards people's exercise by linking it to decision-making around recreational infrastructure and services.

This app works across a range of Android devices, but is not compatible with Xiaomi phones.

The app reads, with your permission, the fitness data that has already been tracked on your smartphone, and converts those steps into Daily Units of Exercise (DUEs).

Recognizing that your exercise has value to all of us, users are able to assign their DUEs to fund different recreational projects or to signal support for future priorities. Users work together as Teams to reach a sufficient level of contributed DUEs much faster than can be achieved working alone.

Communities, schools, corporates and other Teams that come with their own source of funds use the Social Motion platform to reward exercise by their members with funding for specific initiatives. When the desired initiative has been assigned enough DUEs from enough users, it gets funded.

Other Teams, that do not have their own source of funds, are focused on building a coalition of support for action on future priorities. As more and more DUEs are assigned to a priority, advocates can point to its importance as demonstrated through the determination, commitment and sweat of concerned citizens.

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