Experimental FM Synthesizer

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Run this app named Experimental FM Synthesizer or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Create complexly bizarre sound effects and intellectual experimental music while learning about FM Synthesis.

Move some of your fingers around the screen, and listen to the sound transform.

Annoy your teacher. Annoy your friends. Annoy your mom. Annoy your neighbour's dog. Annoy your own dog. Annoy your grandma (if she didn't got dead yet). Annoy yourself. Annoy annoying people. Attach your phone to a massive speaker and annoy the entire world.

Play around with a responsive UI that intuitively shows how your fingers control the sounds that are synthesized.

Explore the custom settings to open up a diverse world of unlimited possibilities with precision control.

If you don't understand the settings, thats fine too! Just mess them up anyways and see what happens. Don't worry, because you can always reset them back to defaults.

Explore the in-app help pages to learn all about the app and the basics of FM synthesis!

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