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Zombie Simulator Live Wallpaper will simulate a zombie apocalypse on your homescreen. It's Zombies vs Humans fighting for survival.

Red - Zombies
Blue - Humans
Green - Hunters (Armed Humans)

The zombies will flock and pursue relentlessly all the humans in sight. The humans will avoid them as they can or try to fight them with the weapons they can find.

Main features:

- The Humans will wander, run from zombies in vision and pick the available weapons.
- The Zombies will wander in packs and pursue humans in vision.
- The Runner Zombies won't flock, but will sprint to humans from time to time
- Random placed obstacles will provide some extra excitement and trap some poor humans
- Random placed weapons will spawn periodically to give humans a fighting chance
- Three types of weapons: Rifle, Pistol and Machine Gun
- Round scores stored
- Pick a background from a list of HD wallpapers

Double tap on the screen to see information on scores, ammo and populations.

With the full version:

- Control the amount of runner zombies also
- Control the number of obstacles
- Control the number of weapons and their drops
- Select the background from any photo on your device or directly from the camera
- Manually move, create and remove the obstacles
- Remove the advertising

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