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Does your business make you feel stressed, troubled, overwhelmed and underpaid?
Are you a worker in your own business, so busy putting out fires, that there's no time left to manage it?

Do you want your business to grow and provide you peace of mind and the life you have always wanted?

There is a way to achieve that!

BizCompass- a business app, developed by business experts, to help you take immediate control over your business and grow your profits, in an intuitive, easy to use and effective manner. Your personal business consultant in the palm of your hand.

BizCompass leads and guides you through all the core areas required to manage a business, including:
\tRevenue and profit at any given moment, you will know whether your business is earning or losing money, and at what rate.
\tPayment tracking track payment collection to ensure that no debt is overlooked or overdue.
\tDigital marketing and social networking manage the digital marketing of your business in the social networks, while the system pulls all the data from the social networks and the mailing service providers automatically.
\tSales processing improve your sale process and enlarge the number of deals, the revenues and the profit of the business.
\tManaging prospective customers ensure that no prospect is left unattended.
\tGoal setting and action plan BizCompass provides you an interface to set and execute an action plan, meaning, short-term planning while focusing on execution and massive action.

BizCompass provides a significant competitive advantage. Not only do you get your desired results you get them faster!

BizCompass is with you 24/7, available for both iOS and Android.

Take immediate control over your business and start growing your profits today!

Your personal business consultant in the palm of your hand.

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