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Do you search a virtual ballet academy? Do you want to follow ballet lessons at home?
You can have fun practicing and improve your ballet technique. Our ballerina dance step by step is good ballet lessons for beginners!

You can choose to learn ballet of different types:
- Classical ballet, the most traditional style and techniques developed through several centuries.
- Modern ballet, including new ballet moves from the 21st century. It re-invents the classical ballet techniques in an ever-increasing facet of creation and movement.

Our app includes online classes, to begin with, the basic ballet steps but we also have included advanced ballet lessons. You will also find classical and modern ballet at home. You won't need a gym, just buy good ballet slippers and install a barre. Now you are ready to learn the fundamental positions and movements, including tendu, relev, and pli. You will be able to train and practice at home without equipment. You will feel quick benefits and will stay healthy. Ballet for beginners will increase your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular health. You will also be more flexible, this intense workout increases endurance. All our video lessons to learn ballet at home includes stretching moves to begin and finalize the exercises to increase strength and flexibility.

We also have included ballet images to learn the moves and positions:
- Crois (quo say). A dancer stands with legs crossed at an angle to the audience. The disengaged leg may be crossed in the front or in the back.
- Relev is a basic move taught to most beginning ballet dancers.
- Turn-out. The dancer turns his or her feet and legs out from the hip joints to a 90-degree position.
- Pli. Is one of the most basic moves in ballet lessons. Start in the first position, then, slowly bend your knees until they are about as wide apart as your big toes.
- Pirouette. A rotation or spin to complete turn of the body on one foot, on point or demi-pointe (half-pointe).
- Pointe must be done with the aid of an experienced ballet instructor. Try going en pointe for small durations of time first.

So, you will gain the muscle necessary to develop and hold your dancing improvements. Explore more than 250 ballet lessons for beginners and learn how to barre warm up sequence before the ballet classes to not suffer any injuries. Increase your body flexibility with daily home exercises and gentle stretching. Train with our Ballet workout at home to achieve the necessary balance for the different classic ballet techniques.

You can learn ballet at home following online dancing lessons! This is the best online academy to practice step by step ballet dances. Our tutorials include techniques and moves from beginner through expert! You can dance like a swan!

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