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Dancing Numbers puzzle is a fascinating and challenging game for everybody.

This game has 3 board sizes 3x3, 5x5 and 7x7 which can be selected from game options menu.

In 3x3 board size there are 9 cells and 8 numbers (0 and 1).
In 5x5 board size there are 25 cells and 24 numbers (0 and 1).
In 7x7 board size there are 49 cells and 48 numbers (0 and 1).

Number 0 can move horizontally right or vertically down.
Number 1 can move horizontally left or vertically up.

A move can be either to the empty neighboring position or a jump over the other valued number to an empty position next to it.
No number can jump over another number of the same value.

The puzzle is to switch the positions of the numbers 0 and 1 in minimum number of moves.

Number 1 can jump over a 0 to the right or up if there is a blank cell.
Number 0 can jump over a 1 to the left or down if there is a blank cell.

Following configuration shows the initial and target positions for 3x3 board size:

0 0 1 1 1 0
0 X\t 1 1 X 0
0 1\t 1 1 0 0

Here X denotes blank cell. The left figure is the initial position and right figure is the target position.

Undo button reverts back the last move.
Clear button clears the game board.

If there is no possible move further, you will be prompted to continue the game by undoing the previous moves.

Green dots represent the possible moves for a selected number.
Selected number is highlighted by green boundary.

First select a number by touching it and then move it by touching a valid empty cell represented by a green dot.

If no cell(s) with green dot appears after selecting a number that means there is no valid move for that number.
In this case try with other numbers or undo previous moves.

A messaage will be displayed if you can win the game (with optimum number of moves or not) on game completion.

Take your brain to a roller-coaster ride.

This game will enhance your problem solving skills.

This game absolutely FREE, contains NO ADS or IN-APP purchases.

If there is any bug please let me know through emails.

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