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What are the Traits of Those with High Emotional Intelligence?

The phrase Emotional intelligence (EI) describes that capacity to use, manage, identify and understand emotions in the right ways that can help remove conflicts, surmount challenges, empathize with other people, engage in more effective communication and alleviate stress. Find out about some of the traits of those with higher EI.

Higher self-awareness

They are aware of all that is good, and the things that they need to learn. They are not held back by weaknesses, as they accept and embrace both their strengths and shortcomings. They do not hesitate to take the assistance of other people in the weaker areas. They understand which ambiences are better suited to their own work style, and function accordingly.

High empathy

Such people can relate more easily to others, which makes them an integral part of the personal and professional sphere. They have a natural ability of understanding the feelings and emotions of clients or colleagues, and this helps them overcome challenging times without making a scene. Superiors rely more on them and ask for their advice and suggestions for workplace improvement.

Love for changes

Those with significantly higher emotional intelligence are not afraid of ushering in changes to their life and the people around them. They realize that change is essential for the growth of life, and hence adapt to alterations. You can find such people embracing change, or even ushering it in on their own.

Open to learning from mistakes

These people are not a stickler for perfection. Although they are highly motivated individuals, they have an understanding that perfection is not always possible. Thus, they just go with the flow and learn from their mistakes to hone their skills and abilities with time. They are not the sort of people who like to devote a lot of time to create a perfect project. Rather, they want to manage multiple projects with success and become more and more perfect with time.

More balanced

As emotionally intelligent people are more self-aware, it makes them more balanced in their personal and professional lives. They are able to manage both fronts admirably well, as they understand the importance of both. You can find them eating well, having enough sleep and having hobbies or interests outside their professional sphere.


These people are quite curious by nature, although not poky or peeping toms. They just have enough curiosity and an innate sense of wonder about the world that makes them delightful companions. These people do not judge. They simply explore all the probabilities and are never afraid to ask questions. They are open to any new solution for a problem. Those with higher EI love to keep on learning and exploring.

Being gracious

These individuals understand that there is something to thank life for, each and every day. Unlike many other people, they do not view the world as a glass that is half-empty. Those with higher emotional intelligence have a sense of positivity and optimism about their lives that they do not let pessimists or critics mar.

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