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Learn basic computing and computer engineering with these video tutorials to learn computing from scratch.
Computer and online programming at home is a discipline that encompasses theory and practice with abstract and concrete terms for beginners.

The practical part of computing or advanced office computing can be seen everywhere.
Today many people are computer programmers with only one computer. Getting advanced computing that computers do what you want requires experience and practice.

Self-taught basic computing also has strong connections to other disciplines. These include computer architecture, software systems, graphics, artificial intelligence, computer science, and software engineering.
Starting from a common base of computer skills in computing and programming, each specialty area focuses on the particular challenges.

Course to learn advanced computer science online in videos from scratch to manage your PC in a simple and very intuitive way.
Learn how to learn basic interactive computer programming, master your PC and you will see the things you can do with the computer.

This free app with courses to learn basic computer engineering step by step, will help you understand the operating system of your cell phone or tablet, since smartphones are fashionable lately, these are like a mini pocket PC.
Courses to learn basic computer science at home from scratch, without cost and in a free and simple way.

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