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Welcome to Mind ForWord the Google Play Android App Word Puzzle Game for All Ages

The game is similar to other picture-into-words games, with a twist of complexity. The object is not to simply decipher two pictures and turn them into a single word.

In Mind ForWord, the object is to use the hint to determine what combination of possible interpretations of the displayed pictures plus any implied syllable additions provided in the hint best combine to form the word defined in the Hint.

Without using the Hint, any player, even the creator of the game, would fail and lose all their points. Win the game and place first in the competitions by making slow and steady progress throughout the puzzles, determining the specific term or phrase the pictures and the hint combine to form, each representing one or more syllables of the answer.

No two puzzles are alike, but the images presented in various puzzles might be identical. Use your imagination and your vocabulary skills to determine the solution to each puzzle.

Puzzles are added regularly either with new images or by adding complexity to the existing images.

Images may take on different meanings in different puzzles, so don't always think a picture of a dog is always going to be the syllable "dog" of more complex words or phrases like "dogma" or "do good." That picture might translate to "canine" or "wolf" or just "animal" or "pet," and only paying a few coins for the hint will reveal the clues necessary to solve the puzzle. (Note: coins are free)

This prototype Android app also provides members access to the ever growing, newly created PapooseWEB collection of online resources with poetry, prose, and educational content for all ages.

The help section provides some helpful insight into the gameplay of Mind ForWord, and coming soon will be additional variations of the puzzle game as the app evolves.

Players start with 249 or so coins in their account, automatically replenish up to 35 or so coins if they approach zero, and can boost their coin count by purchasing more in the store available through the PapooseWEB, restrictions and limits apply.
*Players cannot purchase coins to achieve first place rank nor can they simply buy coins indefinitely. That first place rank title must be earned by solving puzzles and once scores are increased to a playable quantity, additional coins are unavailable until used in play.

Since Nicknames can be visible across other accounts for the first place ranking player, and that title can be claimed by any player at any time through gameplay, Papoose kindly requests that you avoid any hateful or derogatory words, phrases, abbreviations, or references when creating your nickname. Keep it clean, and everyone will have a good time. Test this rule, and the associated email will be quarantined indefinitely.

Papoose believes everyone's time is valuable and unnecessary animation adds no real value to the game, so in an effort to respect each player's time and personal space, no extra filler has been added between screens, levels, or achievements; the app itself has been built super light to download and run quickly and efficiently, feeding the images from a live database (so a connection is required to the internet), minimal email communications except where vital for security, guaranteed no sharing nor selling of player data, and the app has recently been redesigned.

With more options, features, variations, content, puzzles, and other stuff on the way, Mind ForWords should be a great way to enjoy an addictive video game while improving cognitive function instead of diminishing it.

Enjoy and please feel free to contact the developer with any feedback, comments, suggestions, complaints, or anything else. I'm a one man show from concept to creation, so please be patient.

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