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As a fabricator of 40+ years, the last 30 or so as the workshop manager, I have constantly used trigonometry etc. to calculate cones, segmental bends and much more. Nowadays I am constantly asked by the fabricators to calculate developed lengths etc. to save them the time and effort of laying it out. I have developed this app so that they can do it for themselves and therefore save MY TIME.

This app calculates the true developed line lengths of oblique or true cones of any size or thickness in millimeters or inches. Simply enter the cone details and press develop. The time saved is immeasurable, no full size plan view layouts to do for determining the true plan view base lengths, no laying out of base lengths against the vertical height to determine the true lengths, just the click of a button and you are ready to mark out straight onto the flat plate material..

Using the app

On the front screen select the type of offset cone you wish to develop, the cone size inputs screen will open. Select either input in mms or input in inches. Enter cone details, i.e. top diameter, bottom diameter, height, thickness and offset. Please Note! If no thickness is required because you are making a developed paper template you must enter a nominal value e.g. 0.001. Press/touch the develop button, the developed pattern details will appear on screen, complete with a reference drawing for laying out the pattern, at the bottom of the page check lengths for the cone top and bottom developed shape lengths are shown. These are for checking the developed cone size before rolling/shaping. Please Note! All developed patterns show the lay out line sequence and the general pattern shape of the type of cone you are developing.
With the app, cone sizes up to 24 inch / 600mm bottom diameter, are developed with 12 developing lines, cones larger than this are developed with 24 developing lines. The app will develop cones of any size or thickness e. g. 9 top diameter, 12 bottom diameter, 24 high, 0.125 thick with a 7.5 offset or 2500mm top diameter, 3000mm bottom diameter, 3500mm high, 12mm thick with a 1200mm offset. Please Note! that with the larger cones the developing lines will be further apart and more care will be needed to ensure a good flowing curved shape when joining the developed points e.g. A to B to C, 1 to 2 to 3 etc.
I hope that from your feedback/comments I will be able to add extra relevant features and amendments in future editions

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