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The Buttons ⚽ PES 2018 Manual

Free download android The Buttons ⚽ PES 2018 Manual APK
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Download this app named The Buttons ⚽ PES 2018 Manual.

All your PS3, PS4 and Xbox PES 2018 - 2019 buttons, cheats, tips & strategy in one convenient place.

PES 2018 - 2019 - The Buttons⚽ (PES Buttons), is a very useful application for new and old players. It gives you easy and fast access to most of the vital commands to be a Pro in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018/Winning Eleven 2018 and other older versions of PES. It also provides quick access to your cheats, tips, strategies and option files. It is your little companion whenever and wherever you need it since it is able to work without internet connection. You can use this app during gameplay to practice new skill moves, offensive and defensive tactics. This app can be used to obtain GP for myClub by performing the commands and the goal celebration area events.

Bonus - It contains a list of "Goal Keeper Killer" Buttons that you may know about or may not know about which will help you to score base on your position in front of goal.

1. Basic Buttons
2. Offense Buttons
3. Goalkeeper Killer Buttons (Shooting)
4. Defense Buttons
5. Other Buttons
6. Free Kick Buttons
7. Effective Skills Buttons
8. 2018 PS4 Option files
9. PES ppsspp
10. Area Events For Goal Celebration
11. Black Ball Hints Coming Soon
12. Trending Tips

Also, helps with PES 2015, PES 2016, PES 2017, PES 2019

PES Mobile Soccer Android Setup Instructions for ppsspp inside.

Check back for more buttons updates!!


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Real name of Unlicensed team and players added
Cheats to get PES2019 PSN Trophies
Improved UI
Optimized application performance
More controls added
PES2019 Option files and instructions added (Kits for unlicensed team)
More coming soon Hope you guys stick around!!

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