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Plant Lens - Plant & Flower Identification

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Have you ever wondered the flowers name on your way home? Simply take a picture of the plant youve found in nature, at the gardening store or wherever you are, anywhere in the world, and Plant Lens will tell you what plant it is in seconds.

Even the most expert botanist would fail to recognize every plant they came across. Plant Lens is capable of identifying 60,000+ plant species with accuracy of 92%, better than most botanists. And the more visual information you give to Plant Lens about the plant you are observing, the more accurate the identification will be. With our machine-learning algorithm, Plant Lens is learning and improving continuously.

Plant Lens is available to download for FREE!

Identify various plants by pictures, more than 60,000 species.
Keep track of all the plants, trees, and flowers in your own personal collection.
Your photos showing on the map creates a personal plant map.
Explore plant world with an identifier and mobile

Try snapping a plant, flower or tree for free and have your photos instantly recognized by our always-growing algorithm. Plant names, location & more fascinating information on the world around is now free!

Use Plant Lens for
Flower identification
Identify trees
Identify leaves
Mushroom Identification
Identify Succulents, Cactus & more

With curiosity to nature, Plant Lens help you explore more details about plants. Whether you are a gardener, plant fancier, backpacker children or teacher, Plant Lens is a good helper & identifier.

Download and get close to the plant world. Plant Lens enables you to identify plant species in nature easily.

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