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Get a loan today - from personal loans to unsecured loans in Japan. You can also get bad credit loans from some lenders on the platform. Other lenders include debt consolidation loan companies and loan sharks. Lenders offer their personal loan rates and every type of line of credit. From loans for people with bad credit to online loans in Japan, Open Loans Japan connects borrowers and lenders from Tokyo to Kyoto to Yokohama or Osaka to Kobe, etc. The idea is to create a very efficient loans marketplace in the Japan especially for lenders who wish to offer easy loans online.

Open Loans Japan also provides Japanese with investment opportunities. A private person in the Japan with excess cash can use the app as a way to invest. He can lend the money to another Japanese he finds on Open Loans Japan and earn an interest. He can secure himself by taking possession of security such as a car or a title deed.

Borrowers in the Japan can borrow from private persons as well as banks and other financial institutions in Japan that they find (or find them) on Open Loans Japan


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