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Obr is a car booking app for a safe, reliable and affordable ride from your smartphone in just a few seconds
The app uses GPS technology to directly connect you with a driver within a range right when you need it.
Obr is designed to improve safety by allowing you to view driver's name and rating as well as the vehicle information before a ride. You can also see as the driver approaches in real time and rate him at the end of the ride.

How to use Obr :
Follow these steps to request a ride:
1. Open the app
2- Select or confirm the current pickup location
3- Select the type of vehicle needed
4. Select one of your frequented destinations, or type in a new one
5. Confirm your pickup location
6. Tap to request your ride

You’ll see your driver’s ETA and vehicle information and the estimated cost of your trip, so you’ll know which car to expect and when.
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• Possibility to send SMS messages to a driver in Trip details
• Improved and clearer cancellation fees
• Mongolian language available
• Pins on the map move really smoothly and realistically
• Only asks for access permissions when you need it!
• New maps style in apps
• Final status of the trip shown in Recent orders
• Coupon discount shown for Future and Recent orders
• Bug fixes, experience and stability improvements

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