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Iron League - Real-time Arena Teamfight

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Welcome to the Iron League, a real-time arena teamfight game!

* Experience the spectacular arena battle with users all around the world!
- Iron League is a real-time MOBA game that supports various modes such as Quick match, Rank match, and Beginner's game. Grasp the thrill of victory with your strategy and tactics!

* MOBA of a lower genre barrier with simple and sharp controls!
- Anyone can play easily with basic attack button and instant skill activation. The League always welcomes the newcomers! Decide the fate of battle with your controls and decisions.

* 10-minute-a-round, endless teamfight!
- One round in the League ends in about 10 minutes. Overwhelm your enemies with short and breathtaking battles!

* Explore 5 unique arenas with 30+ memorable characters!
- To win on 5 different types of arena with unique strategic objectives, you need to be creative. Display your prowess with heroes of distinct class roles: range-dealer, tanker, supporter, warriors, and assassins!

Iron League awaits your challenge.

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## 2.7.1 v6 Update ##

# Add new content
- New hero and skins.
- New event page
- Review of the competition system.

# Changes and improvements.
- Praise and reorganization of the store.
- Game improvement (object, skill, map, etc.)

# Balance adjustment
- Objective: Holin, Hanold, Solio.

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