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Step on the accelerator but keep both your eyes on the streets, otherwise you will hit another car and instead of paying the parking ticket, you will have to afford the hospital bill. Turn on the radio and handle your hand-wheel like a professional, avoiding the other vehicles that are already parked and of course. All of those obstacles intentionally left in front of you. There is a special parking lot somewhere and it is your goal, so it's a must to reach it before you run out of time, even if you have to waste all your fuel. The road isn't easy, but that is exactly what every driver needs to make sure they are able to park their own cars in both virtual and real life, where there won't be thousands of parking lots available when it's time to go to the supermarket or pay a visit to the bank. Arrows will guide you, but you are allowed to trust your own instinct if it's certain that the car won't end up crashed on a wall. Rush with your ride and arrive to take your son from the school before he starts asking the keys to drive himself alone.
City parking 3D - feature list:
- 36 different parking missions
- Select music
- Submit score to leaderboard
- Never traveled by car on the train? Then try inside!
- Real life parking situations
- Very convenient control
- New mission every 2 week
- And more inside


Version 3.7
36 level now unlocked.
Performance improved.
Version 3.6
33 level now unlocked.
Performance improved.
Version 3.5
30 level now unlocked.
bug fixed.
Version 3.4
3 more new level unlocked.
Reduced ADS.
Improved performance.
Bug fixed.

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